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What: @magazzino #homemade

Who: a project by Magazzino Italian Art

Why: Homemade was created to support Italian artists living abroad during this fragile period inviting them to creatively reconsider the domestic realm.

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What: @iohocuradite

Who: a project by Lorenzo Barbera, Ignazio Mortellaro and Agata Polizzi

Why: Art fundraising project to help people in real need in Palermo

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What: Io ti vedo tu mi senti?

Who: Nicolas Ballario - Sky Arte - TIWI

Watch the episode..
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What: Artribune article

Who: by Maurita Cardone

Why: 7 artisti italiani che lottano per l'ambiente / 7 italian artists fighting for the environment

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What: Pensiero magico

Who: Giorgio Galotti

Why: In adulthood, the use of the ‘Magical Thinking’ is usually adopted to avoid a bad feeling or an uncontrolled situation, trying to change its consequences.

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What: Public art project

Where: CTA Blue Lina Addison Station - Chicago, IL

When: Currently in fabrication phase
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Title: Accordant Landscape

What: Public art project

Where: Multnomah County Health Department Headquarters, Portland, OR
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Title: Eco-Urgency: Artists Make the Case

What: Group show at Glyndor Gallery.

Where: Wave Hill, Bronx, NY

When: Please check back soon for updates
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What: Solo Show

Where: Francesca Minini, Milan

When: Please check back soon for updates

project organized by NUOVE//Contemporary Art Production
in collaboration with Marsè€ll
under the patronage of
GAM - Galleria D’Arte Moderna, Palermo
Museo Internazionale delle Marionette Antonio Pasqualino, Palermo

press office
+39 02 36769480
+39 393 4695107